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Dan Poynter Writing NonFiction Sample FlipBook

FlipViewer Xpress is a FlipBook viewer that allows readers to view online documents such as periodicals, reports, manuals, books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, newsletters and more (collectively called FlipBooks).

FlipViewer Xpress is capable of incorporating a combination of text, images, animation, sound, and video into a single media-rich document. FlipViewer Xpress conveys digital publications in a 3D page flipping interface, where pages are displayed like those in a real book.

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While you are reading the current page, the next few pages will be streamed into your PC or Mac. Page streaming allows pages to be available for immediate reading, without having to wait for the entire book to be first downloaded.

Staying true to the book paradigm, the displayed thickness of the FlipBook in FlipViewer Xpress is indicative of the number of pages inside, allowing readers to "thumb" through it with the mouse. Readers can also highlight, add notes and even bookmarks, besides clicking on links to email or immediately visit the Publishers' or Advertisers' websites, as well as search for text which are unthinkable on the paper book.

FlipViewer Xpress runs on all standard browsers with Adobe Flash Player plug-in. No other proprietary software downloads and installations required.


Instant Benefits

Save time - Get your digital publications published instantly. No more seaching and waiting for Print Publishers to print your books, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, etc.
Save money - Save printing and distribution costs. Create and distribute as many copies at the same price. No more hassle over minimum quantity.
Save storage - No more paper books, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, etc. to store. Save storage costs.
Instant delivery - No more waiting for delivery.
Increase your audience - The world is your limit. Sell or reach out to the world via the internet. No more worries over distribution costs and time.
Same look and feel - Create an exact replica of your books, catalogs, brochures, annual reports and more online. Intuitive and easy to use. 
Enhance your readers' experience - Include voice over, music and videos in your digital publications.
No learning curve - No need to learn how to use the software. Just email us your PDF files and we convert them to FlipBooks. 
 Environment friendly - No more papers to print, save trees.

FlipViewer Xpress Features
FlipViewer Xpress Features

Book-like Interface
Page Flipping
Page Holding
Realistic 3D page flipping effects. Hold pages like how you would with a real book.
Multiple Page Grab and Flip Book Paradigm
Grab a stack of pages and flip, like how a real book could. The thickness of the book is representative of the number of pages in the book, just like in a real book. You can "thumb" through the book with your mouse.
Book Edge Thickness Navigation
Run the cursor at the edge of the book and you can flip to desired pages of the book in a single flip without having to flip each page individually.
Multimedia Support
Flash Object Support Portable Document Format (PDF) Support
Embed Flash Interactive Movies or animated advertisement in your digital publication. Allow embedding of pre-formatted PDF files to be placed into the 3D flipping pages of FlipViewer Xpress.
Audio and Video Flipping Sound
Embed Audio Movies Clips into pages to enhance the reading experience. Flipping the pages with sound makes readers experience reading digital publications with reality.
Online Reading Experience
Page Streaming Hypertext and Image Links
While you are reading the pages, the subsequent pages are downloaded in the background so that you do not have to wait to read the next pages. Create links within your pages to other websites or files. 
No Client Installation Thumbnail Navigation
No installation of applications apart from the need of Adobe® Flash Plugin. Overall thumbnail view allows quick browsing and navigation amongst pages.
Table of Contents Share a FlipBook
Publishers are allowed to add the Table of Contents in the FlipBook. Readers can jump to the chapter or the topic they are interested in by simply click on the list. Share a FlipBook you are reading with a friend via Email.
Printing Save as PDF
Printing selected pages is available for readers who want to keep the hardcopy of the FlipBook. Select and save pages as PDF to keep articles in PDF format.
Zoom Offline Package
Allows zoom into pages where text might not be readable without zooming. Provides an overview of the location where the zoom area is via a Zoom Overview Window. Two formats of FlipBook, .exe file and .zip file respectively, are available for readers to download to local machines.
Search Text Bookmarks
The FlipBooks are searchable in most common search engines. Text search within the FlipBook allows users to quickly locate key contents. Bookmarks can be added to left and right pages for you to jump quickly to your favorite pages.
Notes Highlighting
You can add your comments in a note and stick the note to anywhere on the page. You can add highlight to mark important area on pages.
Auto-Flipping Full Screen
You can make your FlipBook auto-flipping, i.e. flipping by its own, at a pre-defined interval. You can maximize the whole screen to view FlipViewer Xpress FlipBook by entering into full screen mode.
Advertisement Page Settings

Animated advertisement in Flash format can be inserted as a layer above the background of the FlipBook, right next to the front cover or the back cover.
Click here to view example

You can change to your preferred settings of FlipViewer Xpress like whether to turn on/off the flipping sound, audio and switch the language of your interface to your preferred language.
Subscription Management (Optional) Tracking (Optional)
Manages access to the FlipBook through Subscription IDs. This feature is only available when used with the optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solution. Tracks the pages visited, duration of each visit as well as the number of clicks on a link. This feature is only available when used with the optional FlipAnalyzer™ services.

  Recommended System Requirements

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

Intel® Pentium IV, 2.33 GHz microprocessor or equivalent


32-bit color display adaptor
1024 x 768 pixels screen area


PowerPC G5 1.8 Ghz or Faster Processor
Intel® Core Duo™ 1.33 GHz or Faster Processor


1024 X 768 pixels screen area

Safari 1.x or later

"What I like about FlipViewer Xpress is that it is easy to use. Most of my customers like the simplicity of just flipping through a book instead of navigating through web pages. Therefore, your software did help us achieving what we set out to do - to publish books like catalogs on web and to eliminate the need to navigate the web. In a word, we are all looking for simplicity. There are many other flip book software, but yours comes on top for its ease to use. I have tried several other software, but I gave it up after a while." 
                                                       - Paul C. Hsieh
                                                         President of The Pear Group, Inc.

At FlipBookGuru.com, we specialize in creating FlipBooks that look and feel just like your paper books and more. Our FlipBook Conversion Professional Service fee starts from USD 399 per FlipBook with unlimited pages, and it includes the license to commerically distribute/sell unlimited copies of the FlipBook. You provide the PDF file, and we convert the PDF file to a FlipBook according to your specification. All you have to do is to host the FlipBook on your website. Or if you prefer, you can purchase the FlipViewer Xpress Creator software to create the FlipBook(s) at your convenience.

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