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  FlipBookGuru.com was founded by a lady with a passion for traveling and photo taking. The founder's first encounter with FlipBooks was in the Year 2002 while at work. She was absolutely impressed with the award winning FlipAlbum® software that she immediately purchased a digital camera and stopped using her conventional camera since.

Prior to discovering FlipAlbum, the founder had spent hunderds of dollars after each travel trip to print her travel photos and she would diligently compile them together with air tickets, receipts, brochure cuttings, etc. in her scrapbook like paper photo albums. No wonder she was bowled over when she discovered FlipAlbum. FlipAlbum more than enabled her to create digital photo albums with the same look and feel as her scrapbook like paper photo albums, and all without having to spend a single cent!

FlipAlbum has been the founder's #1 software since, and she never fails to share FlipAlbum with her friends who are equally impressed! Her personal travel photo albums are being used as demos at SITEX, COMEX and other local trade shows. Being an expert in the FlipAlbum software, she also conducts FlipAlbum training. She finally decided to become a reseller of the FlipAlbum software in the Year 2009 when FlipBookGuru.com is born.

As the ebook trend catches on, and more publishers and companies are starting to publish ebooks, she decided to become a reseller of the FlipViewer® Xpress Creator software, the digital publishing solution for commercial and enterprise use. Being an expert in the FlipViewer Xpress Creator software, she began offering her FlipViewer Xpress FlipBook conversion and training services.  Dan Poynter Writing NonFiction Sample FlipBook created using FlipViewer® Xpress Creator
View FlipViewer Xpress Sample eBook

So, if you are looking for a cool FlipBook software to organize your digital photos or to publish ebooks, emagazines, digital catalogs, brochures, newsletters, company annual reports, etc., bookmark FlipBookGuru.com, the Solution Provider for all your Digital Publishing needs!

We are happy to share what some of our customers say about our services:

Answered all questions and provided everything I needed!!
Great doing business!
- Cindy Bridges, Texas, USA

- James A Brown, Florida, USA


Great seller.Very friendly,enthusiastic.Product is excellent.
Highly recommended
- Duy LInh Tra, Singapore

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